530 Day Avenue

Restoration Housing’s first affordable housing project was 530 Day Avenue.  The circa 1920 housing had sat vacant for ten years and had last been used as a five-unit flophouse before Restoration Housing took ownership in 2015.  At the time of acquisition, the house was in a complete state of disrepair with floors almost entirely missing, the walls bare to the studs, windows boarded up, and the porch being supported by an unsecured 2×4 piece of lumbar. 

After securing historic tax credits to help off-set the extreme construction costs, Restoration Housing began rehabbing the structure back to its original architectural legacy. All historic features were restored or replaced in-kind along with the addition of modern living amenities. Two workforce families now call 530 Day Avenue home.

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1018 Patterson Avenue

Restoration Housing’s second affordable housing project at 1018 Patterson Avenue was completed in April 2018.  Constructed in 1900, the home had been a mismanaged rental property in a severe state of disrepair for decades when Restoration Housing took ownership in 2016.  The house was structurally unsound and there were holes in the walls, ceilings, and floors in addition to exposed wires and inadequate heating and cooling systems.

The extensive restoration of this property was undertaken using historic tax credits and fundraising dollars. All historic features were restored or replaced in-kind along with the addition of modern living amenities.   Two low-income families now call 1018 Patterson Avenue home.

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Villa Heights

Villa Heights, a circa 1820 home built by Elijah McClanahan (a Lieutenant Colonel in the War of 1812), was acquired by Restoration Housing in 2017 after a decade of vacancy and severe damage from a 2011 fire.  The historic home was in such a dire state that it was listed on Preservation Virginia’s and the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation’s most endangered sites list in 2013.  After a successful nomination to the National and State Registers of Historic Places in 2018, an 11 month restoration overhaul commenced including abatement and removal of debris and damaged material; reconstruction and repair of the roof, west façade, and rear single-story porch that had been destroyed by the fire; in-kind restoration of all salvageable historic materials and the recreation of those too severely damaged to save; and installation of all new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.  

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The rehabilitation of Villa Heights is Restoration Housing’s first community impact project, providing affordable rental space for nonprofits serving limited-income families. The neighborhood of Northwest Roanoke has long lacked public and private investment and is in great need of accessible service providers. The restoration of Villa Heights will help fill this void in addition to reinvigorating the community, reducing vandalism and crime, and catalyzing future investment.

326 Dale Avenue

Restoration Housing’s fourth project is 326 Dale Avenue, a circa 1890 home that once belonged to one of Roanoke’s earliest mayors, Sylvester Seifert.  After years of deferred maintenance by previous owners, the property was acquired by Joy Sylvester-Johnson who generously gifted it to Restoration Housing in the fall of 2018.  Construction began in the fall of 2019, with plans to create four Permanent Supportive Housing units for previously homeless individuals. This will be Restoration Housing’s first project in the newly created Belmont Historic District in Southeast Roanoke.